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What is the meaning of adage in Hindi?

Meaning of adage in Hindi is : सूत्र

Definition of word adage

  • An old saying, which has obtained credit by long use. (noun)
  • An old saying, which has been overused or considered a cliché; a trite maxim. (noun)

Examples of word adage

    • We will begin today with a demonstration of some of the basic, yet difficult ballet exercises, what we call the adage portion of our class, to be performed by my primary class students.
    • He said the aged adage is loyal - once we get married, the sex stops.
    • Just goes to show the old adage is true, you can take the monkey out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the monkey.
    • "A popular Wall Street adage is that" gridlock is good "because it keeps the government from implementing new policies that further intervene in the private economy," the report said.
    • But sometimes this old adage is still the most apt: "The best way to get published by Marvel and DC is to get published elsewhere first."


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