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What is the meaning of additional in Hindi?

Meaning of additional in Hindi is : न्यूनता पूरक

Definition of word additional

  • Supplemental or added to something. (adjective)
  • Something added. (noun)

Examples of word additional

  • Management anticipates an "additional $400 million of pension contributions in the second half of 2010, but has highlighted the possibility of making “additional contributions depending on the direction of discount rates and asset returns."
  • DId u read the title additional battery as in prolonging the life of the batt.
  • In addition, the Philadelphia health insurer said it will invest $400 million over 12 months in what it called additional capital to reinsure and support the newly acquired business.
  • I also would like to impress on them the importance of maximum transparency, the importance of joining what we call our additional protocol which gives us additional authority to visit sites and visit -- and receive more information.
  • And he was making comments this morning about what he calls additional commonsense measures that should be put into place: closing gun show loopholes, enacting laws requiring child safety locks on all guns, and requiring that all laws prevent juveniles from having access to any assault weapons.


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