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What is the meaning of address in Hindi?

Meaning of address in Hindi is : सिरनामा

Definition of word address

  • Direction or superscription of a letter, or the name, title, and place of residence of the person addressed. (noun)
  • Act of addressing oneself to a person; a discourse or speech. (noun)
  • Manner of speaking to another; delivery. (noun)
  • Attention in the way one addresses a lady. (noun)
  • Skill; skillful management; dexterity; adroitness. (noun)
  • Act of preparing oneself. (noun)
  • A description of the location of a property. (noun)
  • The property itself. (noun)
  • A location in computer memory. (noun)
  • An Internet address; URL. (noun)
  • To prepare oneself. (verb)
  • To direct speech. (verb)
  • To aim; to direct. (verb)
  • To prepare or make ready. (verb)
  • To prepare one's self; to apply one's skill or energies (to some object); to betake. (verb)
  • To clothe or array; to dress. (verb)
  • To direct, as words (to any one or any thing); to make, as a speech, petition, etc. (to any one, an audience). (verb)
  • To direct speech to; to make a communication to, whether spoken or written; to apply to by words, as by a speech, petition, etc., to speak to; to accost. (verb)
  • To direct in writing, as a letter; to superscribe, or to direct and transmit. (verb)
  • To make suit to as a lover; to court; to woo. (verb)
  • To consign or intrust to the care of another, as agent or factor. (verb)
  • To address one's self to; to prepare one's self for; to apply one's self to; to direct one's speech or discourse to. (verb)
  • To direct attention towards a problem or obstacle, in an attempt to resolve it. (verb)
  • To refer a location in computer memory. (verb)

Examples of word address

  • WORDS ACCENTED ON THE LAST SYLLABLE: address _address'_ adept _adept'_ adult _adult'_ ally _ally'_ commandant _commandänt '(ä as in arm) _ contour _contour'_ dessert _dessert'_ dilate _dilate'_ excise _eksiz'_ finance _finance'_ grimace _grimace'_ importune _importune'_ occult _occult'_ pretence _pretence'_ research _research'_ robust _robust'_ romance _romance'_ tirade _tirade'_
  • * Set the from address function from ($address) $this - > from = trim ($address);
  • * Sets an email address to send to function to ($address, $realname = '') global $config; if (! trim ($address)) return;
  • * Sets an cc address to send to function cc ($address, $realname = '') if (! trim ($address)) return;
  • * Set the reply to address function replyto ($address) $this - > replyto = trim ($address);