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What is the meaning of adjourn in Hindi?

Meaning of adjourn in Hindi is : स्थानांतरितना

Definition of word adjourn

  • To postpone. (verb)
  • Temporarily ending an event with intentions to complete it at another time or place. (verb)
  • Of an event: To end or suspend (verb)
  • To move from one place to another. (verb)

Examples of word adjourn

  • Ntsebeza said he had used the word "adjourn" advisedly in ending the day's proceedings.
  • Later Mr. Bobbsey learned that the senators and congressmen were meeting at night in order to finish a lot of work so they could the sooner end the session -- "adjourn," as it is called.
  • Inviting the opposition to 'adjourn' their effort to adjourn Assembly sessions, Mr. Bhattacharjee said they could instead join hands with the government for the State's development.
  • Between 4 and 5. the Gov 'adjourn'd to Ten a-clock Satterday mornings and presently rose up and went away.
  • Page 41 striking out all after the word "adjourn" and inserting "sine die.