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What is the meaning of adjourned in Hindi?

Meaning of adjourned in Hindi is : स्थगित

Definition of word adjourned

  • Simple past tense and past participle of adjourn. (verb)

Examples of word adjourned

  • If a time for an adjourned meeting has been appointed, the chair declares the assembly “adjourned to 8 o’clock next Wednesday evening, ” or whatever is the appointed time.
  • And what I say is, "he concluded, with a heavy thump of the table," that theer crowner's quest owt to ha 'been what they term adjourned, until Mrs. Mallathorpe could tell if she did see owt, or if she knew owt, or heer'd owt!
  • Buuren had every right to be addressed in Afrikaans, adjourned the proceedings.
  • After several negroes, both male and female, had been disposed of here, the party again adjourned to another sale-room adjoining.
  • By the time the German Bundestag adjourned, on July 13, everything seemed full of promise.
  • Last night when we kind of adjourned the case management conference, you also wanted to be able to talk with your family.
  • If the assembly is one that will have no other meeting, instead of "adjourned," he says
  • But the House has already adjourned, meaning any corrective action will have to be applied after the fact.
  • Planned Meeting on Incident Prevention Put Off incident prevention mechanisms, agreed during the recent round of talks in Geneva, scheduled for May 7 has been "adjourned," EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM) said.
  • Much of the parade crowd "adjourned" to the university's tailgate areas where students, alumni and friends of the university gathered to celebrate Homecoming Day prior to the pre-game show and the game between the Trojans and the Hilltoppers at Movie Gallery Veterans Stadium.