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What is the meaning of admiration in Hindi?

Meaning of admiration in Hindi is : स्नेह

Definition of word admiration

  • Wonder mingled with approbation or delight; an emotion excited by a person or thing possessed of wonderful or high excellence; as, admiration of a beautiful woman, of a landscape, of virtue. (noun)
  • Wonder or questioning, without any particular positive or negative attitude to the subject. (noun)

Examples of word admiration

    • Following Burke, Reid identifies the affect properly inspired by beautiful objects as love (this contrasts with the affect properly inspired by sublime objects, which he identifies as admiration).
    • In a short time, however, he contrived to draw my attention to himself, by his extreme impertinence; for he chose to express what he called his admiration of me, in terms so open and familiar, that he forced me to express my displeasure with equal plainness.
    • It was the same at the end of an oar or rope and Phrynus heard, in his stupor, the sounds of grudging admiration from the gang.
    • One has to stand (and try not to stare) in admiration of her commitment to her education.
    • Indeed, it is not uncommon to see visitors rapt in admiration before the spellbinding beauty of the artwork nor, at the same time, to observe the devotion of all those engrossed in prayer in search of comfort and assistance before the image of Mary, who is venerated here under the beloved title of Salus Populi Romani.


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