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What is the meaning of admire in Hindi?

Meaning of admire in Hindi is : स्तुति करना

Definition of word admire

  • To be amazed at. (verb)
  • To regard with wonder and delight. (verb)
  • to look upon with an elevated feeling of pleasure, as something which calls out approbation, esteem, love or reverence; (verb)
  • to estimate or prize highly; as, to admire a person of high moral worth, to admire a landscape. (verb)

Examples of word admire

  • [1] I admire the _first_ sincerely, and in turn call upon you to _admire_ the following on Anacreon Moore's new operatic farce, [2] or farcical opera -- call it which you will:
  • In the field of fiction the book I most admire is The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald.
  • The metamorphous stage of turning an idea into something people can appreciate and admire is truly an art form.
  • Senator John and Cindy McCain admire Freight Train, the big boar contest winner, at the Iowa State Fair.
  • Every single American you love and admire is an immigrant or the child of immigrants.


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