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What is the meaning of admired in Hindi?

Meaning of admired in Hindi is : प्रशंसित

Definition of word admired

  • Simple past tense and past participle of admire. (verb)

Examples of word admired

  • With its hills-heavy density, near-90-degree-dropping streets and alleys and awe-inspiring views, San Francisco is a pedestrian-friendly city (the iconic streetcars can be admired from the sidewalk).
  • (Gibson's Neuromancer, while widely admired, is seldom emulated; Hardwired, mostly written before Neuromancer was published, seems to have defined the form.)
  • They went wholly by holding the irons close to their cheeks, gauging the heat by some secret mental process that Martin admired but could not understand.
  • A third doc that I admired is Hot House, Shimon Dotan's Israeli feature about prisons for Palestinian political detainees in Israel.
  • Every woman I have loved and admired is capable of that look: the one that says "that's not good enough" and "I know you can do better," in a single glance.
  • Along this fracture zone occurring at the base of the La Higuera and El Mexico volcanoes, the Santiago River has cut a fantastic gorge known as the Barranca de Oblatos, which may be admired from the Mirador (Scenic Viewpoint Park) Dr. Atl in Guadalajara.
  • And Lisa, the strong girl I admired, is a mini control freak a hair away from utter dictatorship.