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What is the meaning of admissibility in Hindi?

Meaning of admissibility in Hindi is : स्वीकृतता

Definition of word admissibility

  • The state or quality of being admissible or allowable. (noun)

Examples of word admissibility

  • Its admissibility is conditioned by certain requirements and protected by certain safeguards.
  • Winton Manning has put out a policy paper explaining the difference between using test scores to determine admissibility, which is good, and using them for selection, which is bad.
  • We'll deal with the notion of admissibility (summary: admissible = optimistic).
  • "admissibility" and observes that admissibility entails consistency.
  • The Kenyan government also is questioning the admissibility of the case, pointing to local efforts being put in place to deal with the suspects.


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