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What is the meaning of admonish in Hindi?

Meaning of admonish in Hindi is : साधारण चेतावनी देना

Definition of word admonish

  • To warn or notify of a fault; to reprove gently or kindly, but seriously; to exhort. (verb)
  • To counsel against wrong practices; to caution or advise; to warn against danger or an offense; — followed by of, against, or a subordinate clause. (verb)
  • To instruct or direct; to inform; to notify. (verb)

Examples of word admonish

  • Merriam-Webster editor at large Peter Sokolowski says news stories about a member of Congress who shouted "You lie!" at the President sent the word admonish to the top of the list of frequently looked-up words in the online dictionary.
  • Staring at the nude female sunbather fifteen floors below, her tattooed backside exposed so that everyone in the surrounding high-rises could admire or cajole or admonish from the windows next to their cubicles, office workers on every floor calling friends or documenting the view with cell-phone cameras, I realized that no matter how holy or removed from the everyday we might be, we are all rubberneckers to the mundane absurdities that materialize seemingly out of nowhere.
  • In another "consensually-made recording," Andrew Russo was said to "admonish" Anthony Russo for taking part in a sitdown with the Gambino family over the stabbing of a Colombo associate.
  • [Footnote 2: So called by Ericsson because it would "admonish" the South, and also suggest to England "doubts as to the propriety of completing four steel-clad ships at three and one-half millions apiece."]
  • Mike Kiley wrote: I am giving my expert opinion as a doctorally trained political scientist; I do not need to give you a link. bagzzaf wrote: No I don't "admonish" those on the right for using the word communist, and I do not have to show that I've done it in the past to discuss AM760's assertion.


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