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What is the meaning of adore in Hindi?

Meaning of adore in Hindi is : बहुत ही प्रेम करना

Definition of word adore

  • To worship. (verb)

Examples of word adore

  • Sara Moulton, whom I adore, is way too scattered to be trying to talk and cook at the same time.
  • But once she has asked pardon, he is unconditionally in adore again: "Fall not a tear, we say, a singular of them rates/All which is won as good as lost."
  • My colleague Yael, whom I adore, is moving back to Toronto sooner than I had expected.
  • Unknown to Fauchelevent, Marius has found Cosette as good as a dual have depressed in adore with any other.
  • What I adore is how she actually looks like Rose and Ten had a daughter.
  • And Melusine, who we all adore, is not likely to be found this side of the Atlantic anytime soon, more's the pity.