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What is the meaning of adorned in Hindi?

Meaning of adorned in Hindi is :

Definition of word adorned

  • Simple past tense and past participle of adorn. (verb)

Examples of word adorned

  • In its midst was a fountain adorned with bells and pendants and figures of birds and beasts spouting forth water, and thereby a daïs43 furnished with gold-brocaded silk, bordered or embroidered with jewels: and they found the treasures of the palace past count or description.
  • In mid pavilion was a fountain adorned with all manner of figures; 500 and by its side stood a table covered with a silken napkin, and on its edge a great porcelain bottle full of wine, with a cup of crystal inlaid with gold.
  • Perhaps no disposition of ground was ever more totally unpicturesque; and yet even this if it be only bisected, and in a small degree adorned, is not wholly disagreeable (Gilpin Guide 2. 170-71, emphasis mine).
  • The fact that your name adorned a jet over the skies over Afghanistan solidifies the bond all of us in the military share with the American people.
  • He opened a drawer in his desk and produced from it a full bottle of Rannoch whisky, the familiar label adorned with an imposing male kilted figure in red and yellow tartan.
  • The coffee-bearer carries the handsome pot, made of tin adorned with brass, in his left hand, while in his right he holds only a single small cup and saucer.
  • _Æsops_ Fables, in English; adorned with many curious Sculptures cut on _Copper Plates_, in _Oct_.
  • Just our elected officials in their lobby-label adorned frocks.
  • (Keep in mind the CIA Headquarters claims Herbert as their king allegiance, with his regency name adorned on their building, and also claims control of their subsidiary ISI implanted in Pakistan.) This document 'has the goods on them,' details of the smoking gun, with links to further description.
  • Tradition holds that a great emerald on which was engraved the Great and Sacred Name adorned the Ephod of the High Priest as recorded in the Book of Exodus.