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What is the meaning of adorning in Hindi?

Meaning of adorning in Hindi is : श्रंगार

Definition of word adorning

  • Present participle of adorn. (verb)

Examples of word adorning

  • An Arab does not care what he spends in adorning his niches; let a handsomely painted plate or a tasteful vase or a delicately cut glass cost what it may, if it looks well he buys it.
  • -- It is thought that he did this to use the elaborate sculpture in adorning his palace.
  • Their adorning is to be effected by means of good works: not that they are to be clothed in, or with, them (Eph 2: 10).
  • With a new name adorning the number one position after almost every match, the Daredevils, who climbed to the coveted position after trampling over event's whipping boys Kolkata Knight Riders by nine wickets, would have to up the ante when they take on Sachin Tendulkar's army for the first time in the tournament.
  • What they had in common was not the name adorning their bloody altars but that which they either did not know or denied:
  • The change was inspired; with its new name adorning advertising circulars, the valley quickly attracted settlers from all over the country.