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What is the meaning of adornment in Hindi?

Meaning of adornment in Hindi is : श्रंगार

Definition of word adornment

  • A decoration; that which adorns. (noun)

Examples of word adornment

  • You may accept created your own handcrafted adornment or even purchased a bargain adornment broad lot online from addition country. you are appropriate go to ceramics adornment mall. you will acquisition lots of admirable ceramics adornment crafts which are for men, women, kids.
  • In most Mexican homes the principal holiday adornment is el Nacimiento (Nativity scene).
  • The site goes on to explain that historically many African cultures consider the head to be the center of one's being and because of that everyday head adornment is an integral part of daily living.
  • Our speaker today is, of course, a schoolmaster and one of his colleagues in replying to the enquiries of a fond parent as to the progress and safety of her son wrote "Dear Madam, such time as your son does not devote to self-adornment is spent in the neglect of his studies."
  • The different embellishments and abstracts acclimated in adornment acquiesce you to accomplish a beauteous claimed account that others can’t advice but to yield apprehension of.
  • A cameo was pinned to the center of her collar and her only other adornment was a silver wristwatch on a black leather strap.
  • It was virtually barren of soldiers and was very austere in adornment.
  • Of its component parts the more substantial ones are perhaps the most easily acquired; not in hit-or-miss, anything-to-get-it-done fashion, but with a view to carrying out some definite idea of table adornment, which is quite the most charming part of the home building.