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What is the meaning of adriatic in Hindi?

Meaning of adriatic in Hindi is :

Definition of word adriatic

  • Of or pertaining to the Adriatic Sea (adjective)
    या एड्रियाटिक सागर से संबंधित
  • The Adriatic Sea, an extension of the Mediterranean Sea located between Italy and the Dalmatian coast of the Balkans. (proper noun)
    एड्रियाटिक सागर, इटली और बाल्कन के डालमेटियन तट के बीच स्थित भूमध्य सागर का विस्तार है।

Examples of word adriatic

    • First of all, Italy proclaims that the Adriatic is an Italian sea, and that Italy ought to control all its coasts.
    • The rest of Europe has caught on; this gem on the Adriatic is the in place to be this summer.
    • The show will take you and 60 others from the skies of Venice to ancient Egypt and the moon in 50 minutes or so, leaving you plenty of time afterwards to grab a gelato and stroll along the Adriatic, which is just outside.
    • Blue as the Adriatic are the waters of the land-locked bay, and the snowy sails of pale junks look whiter than snow against its intense azure.
    • Venice, and pass by the sea Adriatic, that is clept the Gulf of
    • The principal objective of Italy in the Adriatic is the solution once for all of the politico-strategic question of a sea which is commanded in the military sense from the eastern shore, and such a problem can be solved only by one method -- by eliminating from the Adriatic every other war fleet.
    • The gale that swept the Adriatic was a warning that the season for active operations was drawing to a close, and the admirals reluctantly decided that no more could be done till next spring.
    • "But the main reason," he continued, "that sent us to glide this minute over the canal system of the Bride of the Adriatic was the necessity of bracing you up after what you'd been through."
    • That organization which, dependent on the C.N.I., was supposed to administer the stores, was known as the Adriatic