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What is the meaning of adulation in Hindi?

Meaning of adulation in Hindi is : ठकु

Definition of word adulation

  • Flattery; fulsome praise. (noun)

Examples of word adulation

  • Liberals have their own celebrities, and I think sometimes their adulation is a little much.
  • The adulation is similar to the one that was extended to Griffin. (and many before) We'll only be able to judge after a few years of his tenure (if approved).
  • "The adulation is similar to the one that was extended to Griffin."
  • Ignacio particularly loved to imitate exactly the way María Elena walked, turning one foot inward, in adulation rather than any sort of mockery.
  • Fortunately the adulation is only a few layers deep.
  • I wonder what will happen when the feel-good adulation is dissolved by reality and the dumbed-down true believers awaken to the painful fact that nothing will change?
  • It won't affect KT, who's just surrounded by love and adulation from the great unwashed anyway, but it would definitely take some of the spice out of the more inane threads by the lesser bloggers.
  • He raised those tattooed arms in adulation of his God, stood from his pew with his head upturned so that tears flowed down his checks and onto his wrinkled neck.