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What is the meaning of adulterate in Hindi?

Meaning of adulterate in Hindi is : मिलावट करना

Definition of word adulterate

  • Tending to commit adultery. (adjective)
  • Corrupted; impure; adulterated. (adjective)
  • To corrupt. (verb)
  • To spoil by adding impurities. (verb)

Examples of word adulterate

  • The word 'adulterate' means 'to make impure, spurious or inferior by adding extraneous or improper ingredients' and I guess this applies to learning new values and ideas as filling our heads with extraneous or improper ingredients as well.
  • "adulterate" stages where "noise prevails," and "not a tongue of th 'untun'd kennel can a line repeat of serious sense."
  • He will chatter about things refined and spiritual and godlike like himself, and he and the men who herd with him will calmly adulterate the commodities they put upon the market and which annually kill tens of thousands of babies and young children.
  • For the freedom to vote, electoral documents adulterate or use fraudulent means to circumvent the popular will;
  • The 90% of temperature stations which are unreliable are used to adulterate by cross reference the very small number of reliable temperature stations.


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