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What is the meaning of advice in Hindi?

Meaning of advice in Hindi is : हिदायत

Definition of word advice

  • An opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel. (noun)
  • Deliberate consideration; knowledge. (noun)
  • Information or notice given; intelligence; as, late advices from France; commonly in the plural. In commercial language, advice usually means information communicated by letter; used chiefly in reference to drafts or bills of exchange; as, a letter of advice. (noun)
  • Counseling to perform a specific illegal act. (noun)
  • In aspect-oriented programming, the code whose execution is triggered when a join point is reached. (noun)

Examples of word advice

  • Your posts will be excellent if they contain advice from the trenches.
  • Their main advice is to treat boys like any friend and not as a different species — or one option is to ignore them until you (and them) are 19.
  • My main advice is to think about the types of things you like to cook.
  • If the advice is always bad then why wouldn't malpractice lawsuits take care of the problem?
  • But the advice is as good as ever (and developed at length it in later chapters, which deal with topics such as how to understand what a book is “about”).


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