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What is the meaning of advice in Hindi?

Meaning of advice in Hindi is : हिदायत

Definition of word advice

  • An opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel. (noun)

Examples of word advice

  • Your posts will be excellent if they contain advice from the trenches.
  • Their main advice is to treat boys like any friend and not as a different species — or one option is to ignore them until you (and them) are 19.
  • My main advice is to think about the types of things you like to cook.
  • If the advice is always bad then why wouldn't malpractice lawsuits take care of the problem?
  • But the advice is as good as ever (and developed at length it in later chapters, which deal with topics such as how to understand what a book is “about”).
  • In advisory accounts, the advice is the primary service being offered.
  • Much of this advice is available in Weil's previous works as well as on his Web site. '
  • Every time I hear the party faithful lamenting third parties my advice is the same.
  • If you are collecting Dahlonega quarter eagles by date or if you are a type collector looking for a single very high grade piece, my advice is to be aggressive on the very rare occasions that a coin like this 1841-D become available.
  • The real target for their advice is the Congress, which in the end has the final power to adjust the amount of money being spent by the nation on Earth Science.