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What is the meaning of advocate in Hindi?

Meaning of advocate in Hindi is : सलाहकार

Definition of word advocate

  • A person who supports others to make their voices heard, or ideally for them to speak up for themselves. (noun)
  • To argue for someone else. (verb)

Examples of word advocate

    • The approach you seem to advocate is to simply bracket all questions about the referrents of mentalistic terms, and proceed according to intuitionism.
    • One of the great purposes of the procedure which I am about to advocate is to give support and strength to these brilliant and patriotic members and to proclaim to them that the whole nation stands behind them.
    • I firmly believe that telling the democrats they are assured our votes whatever they do, even if they break every promise they campaigned on, as most posters here seem to advocate, is helpful whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • The temptation to participate in the public dialogue as an advocate is considerable.
    • The alternative I advocate is to have the central government stop trying to be clever and instead get out of the way, giving poor communities (and affluent communities, too) a massive dose of selfgovernment, with vastly greater responsibility for the operation of the institutions that affect their lives — including the criminal justice, educational, housing and benefit systems in their localities.
    • Another big advocate is Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1) who is one of the main sponsors of a House bill to mandate net neutrality.
    • You're absolutely right -- what some posters (re, bringing goods across the border, circumventing residency and work requirements) advocate is breaking the law.
    • Everything you advocate is designed solely to perpetuate wage stagnation.