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What is the meaning of advocate in Hindi?

Meaning of advocate in Hindi is : सलाहकार

Definition of word advocate

  • A person who supports others to make their voices heard, or ideally for them to speak up for themselves. (noun)
  • To argue for someone else. (verb)
  • To encourage support for something. (verb)

Examples of word advocate

  • The approach you seem to advocate is to simply bracket all questions about the referrents of mentalistic terms, and proceed according to intuitionism.
  • One of the great purposes of the procedure which I am about to advocate is to give support and strength to these brilliant and patriotic members and to proclaim to them that the whole nation stands behind them.
  • The temptation to participate in the public dialogue as an advocate is considerable.
  • The alternative I advocate is to have the central government stop trying to be clever and instead get out of the way, giving poor communities (and affluent communities, too) a massive dose of selfgovernment, with vastly greater responsibility for the operation of the institutions that affect their lives — including the criminal justice, educational, housing and benefit systems in their localities.
  • You're absolutely right -- what some posters (re, bringing goods across the border, circumventing residency and work requirements) advocate is breaking the law.


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