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What is the meaning of aerobatic in Hindi?

Meaning of aerobatic in Hindi is : हवाई कलाबाज़ीवाला

Definition of word aerobatic

  • Having to do with acrobatic maneuvers, such as spins, twirls, and flips, performed by an airplane. (adjective)

Examples of word aerobatic

  • Initially, the Hanchettes thought pilots interested in aerobatic maneuvers would be their primary customers, but after 9/11 — when long lineups at airports became common — the brothers thought of reaching out to business executives who preferred a smaller and faster plane.
  • It was the thought of his body flying in front of the car then doing some aerobatic maneuver that has me stunned and reliving the event.
  • No wonder that, when the RAF needed a name for their most aerobatic aircraft, they called it the Harrier jump jet.
  • WASHINGTON Reuters - A plane in the British Royal Air Force's "Red Arrows" aerobatic team crashed on Saturday, killing the pilot, after a performance at an air festival on the southern coast of England, authorities said.
  • The planes they used were British, the Folland “Gnat” — as used for many years by the RAF Red Arrows aerobatic team.


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