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What is the meaning of aeroplane in Hindi?

Meaning of aeroplane in Hindi is : हवाई जहाज़

Definition of word aeroplane

  • A powered heavier-than-air aircraft with fixed wings. (noun)

Examples of word aeroplane

  • In this work the aeroplane is the handmaiden of industry.
  • But, at last, he has made for himself a machine which he calls the aeroplane and the tedious problem has been solved quite satisfactorily, so that we now hear a great deal about monoplanes and biplanes, all of which are classed under the general heading of aeroplanes.
  • DeviousMrBlonde lovely stuff. the planet of the apes one with the paper aeroplane is fantastic. blog comments powered by Disqus
  • Pissing on the floor or seats of a subway, bus, or aeroplane is considered 'wrong'.
  • As it is, the aeroplane is primarily a thing for dropping bombs and the radio primarily a thing for whipping up nationalism.
  • When asked if the aeroplane is one of ours the invariable reply is "Ndia, hii udege yeta Alhamdullilah."
  • Perhaps their biggest work has been done in aeroplane construction, tractor building and certain of the heavier engineering and basic industries.
  • I think that the aeroplane is not only useful to make contacts quickly; it is also useful in another way which occurred to me at lunchtime-and that is in getting away from people.
  • Assuming always that the aeroplane is flying at a reasonable height, it should be able to make a safe landing without exposing its passengers to injury.
  • A commercial aeroplane is one which will pay, or can be supported economically or from a business point of view, in the air, that is, one that has a high enough pay load.