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What is the meaning of affectation in Hindi?

Meaning of affectation in Hindi is : बनावटी बर्ताव

Definition of word affectation

  • An attempt to assume or exhibit what is not natural or real; false display; artificial show. (noun)
  • An unusual mannerism. (noun)

Examples of word affectation

    • Mr. Moncton laughed at what he termed my affectation of moral integrity, and tried by every art to seduce me to join in amusements, and visit scenes, from which my mind revolted; and his own example served to strengthen my disgust.
    • (a sentence to which Scott's description of him as “a man of great genius” may be successfully opposed); and is especially severe on what he terms his affectation in disclaiming the compliments bestowed on his learning by some of his friends.
    • I think a lot of characters start in affectation and then build from there.
    • And I have no idea how his literary affectation translates into “journalism” of any sort.
    • Now, it’s cute that Miley shows up in a cravat and acts like he’s the offspring of AA Gill and Boris Johnson, but affectation is wearying.


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