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What is the meaning of affecter in Hindi?

Meaning of affecter in Hindi is :

Definition of word affecter

  • A person who affects to know something or to be something. (noun)

Examples of word affecter

  • Badenoch's penetrating eye saw that it was indeed the patriotic guardian of his country to whom he bowed, and not the vain affecter of regal power.
  • Related Terms & Expressions: le ouïe-dire = hearsay, rumor avoir l'ouïe fine = to have sharp hearing avoir l'ouïe un peu dure = to be hard of hearing être tout ouïe = to be all ears affecter l'ouïe = to affect hearing
  • Kane utilise la corporalité de la parole pour affecter physiquement le public.
  • City, a Friar Minor, an Inquisitor after matters of Faith; who, although he laboured greatly to seeme a sanctified man, and an earnest affecter of Christian Religion, (as all of them appeare to be in outward shew;) yet he was a much better Inquisitor after them that had their purses plenteously stored with money, then of such as were slenderly grounded in Faith.
  • It was indeed the opinion of all the others, when they consulted about the execution of their design, that it was necessary to cut off Antony with Caesar, looking upon him as an insolent man, an affecter of monarchy, and one that, by his familiar intercourse, had gained a powerful interest with the soldiers.


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