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What is the meaning of afflicted in Hindi?

Meaning of afflicted in Hindi is : संतप्त

Definition of word afflicted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of afflict. (verb)

Examples of word afflicted

  • We like to use the word afflicted or, technical term, demonized.
  • She looks so frail, so delicate, and surely she is also what we call afflicted, peculiar.
  • The Greek for "afflicted" is the same as before, and ought to be translated, "Whether we be in tribulation." which is effectual -- literally, "worketh effectually." in the enduring, &c. -- that is, in enabling you to endure "the same sufferings which we also suffer."
  • The government reports that tourism has recovered, although independent surveys suggest that certain afflicted areas are still struggling to fill hotels.
  • The waiting room of the truly afflicted is empty, save for them.
  • Taking heart from this sign, a sign of safe passage, he remains in afflicted London and sets about writing reports.
  • And in many parts of the word afflicted by the scourge of war, innocent people have not ceased being murdered, mutilated, or dragged or driven from their homes.