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What is the meaning of affluent in Hindi?

Meaning of affluent in Hindi is : सुसंपन्न

Definition of word affluent

  • this sense) Somebody who is wealthy. (noun)
  • Abundant; copious; plenteous. (adjective)

Examples of word affluent

    • We also interviewed management from the National Association of Realtors, a number of real estate brokers, banks managers and elected officials in affluent communities.
    • The segregation of the young elite, according to Murray, might not be so bad, except that so many of them have been ensconced in affluent suburbs from birth and have never been outside the bubble of privilege.
    • Do you think that landlords in affluent areas take vouchers?
    • Nice, little specialty charter schools that focus on some philosophy or specialization can be found in affluent suburban school districts. wiley says: