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What is the meaning of aflame in Hindi?

Meaning of aflame in Hindi is : लाल

Definition of word aflame

  • in flames, on fire, flaming, with flames coming from it (adjective)
  • showing anger or contempt (adjective)

Examples of word aflame

    • While "aflame" could have been a slur... it could also refer to the geek term "flame" which is when a person or company is bashed on a forum/blog/chatroom in a very harsh, mean way.
    • Maybe "aflame" seemed to contain a slur against gays, but that doesn't explain replacing the strong verb "caved" with the weak "given in."
    • Evening Standard, the financial district is "aflame" with the idea, being loudly repeated by well-informed "gossips."
    • If anyone dared to speak up in defense, a la Samantha, she risked being doused with Long Island and set aflame.
    • Washington did not resign when he returned because the frontier was aflame.


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