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What is the meaning of afraid in Hindi?

Meaning of afraid in Hindi is : शक

Definition of word afraid

  • Impressed with fear or apprehension; in fear. (adjective)
  • regretful, sorry (adjective)

Examples of word afraid

    • Well if Hope/Change/Hope/Change is a broken record what the heck is * be afraid, be very afraid*?
    • "Captain, we have had hard times of it out there, but _don't be afraid, don't be afraid_."
    • Let him go, and he will walk the streets with a swagger, and boast that you were afraid to touch him -- _afraid_, gentlemen -- and children and women will point after him as the man who has sent nine others into eternity, and who yet walks the streets a free man.
    • And I'm afraid of what'll come to the child without me; I'm _afraid_, Mr. Peter.
    • "I'll tell you something I want you to do and you're afraid to do it -- you're _afraid_."


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