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What is the meaning of aftertaste in Hindi?

Meaning of aftertaste in Hindi is :

Definition of word aftertaste

  • A taste of something that persists when it is no longer present. (noun)
  • The persistence of the taste of something no longer present. (noun)
  • Of wine, finish. (noun)

Examples of word aftertaste

  • That metallic aftertaste is just not pleasant to eat.
  • I get an aftertaste from the sweeteners Bernstein does allow, so I greatly prefer Splenda as a substitute.
  • - Too much milk/too little milk (you want a nice balance between the milk and the tea) - Chemical aftertaste from the powdered flavoring they use … bleah
  • The nasty aftertaste is the feeling that an entire decade of my life was wasted.
  • I detected a small aftertaste from the pudding but that's just me being picky.


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