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What is the meaning of afteryears in Hindi?

Meaning of afteryears in Hindi is :

Definition of word afteryears

Examples of word afteryears

  • They had the bloom of health and happiness; and yet, as if I had been in charge of a pair of little grandees, of princes of the blood, for whom everything, to be right, would have to be enclosed and protected, the only form that, in my fancy, the afteryears could take for them was that of a romantic, a really royal extension of the garden and the park.
  • Gertie thought the child looked hopeful, as if, learning her money was gone, she would turn around and go back to bed, and move in time to Hamtramck, into the house with the lilac bush; and in afteryears the girl would thank her, and Victor too, for Max would some day tell him.
  • This tells you that the family is in deep trouble to be called into account in afteryears while the shutters slap wettish to little effect.
  • Dr. John Hall, of the Fifth Avenue church, then most prominent, earnestly supported the man, but in afteryears the correctness of the position taken by Market Street was abundantly proven.
  • She paused an instant, with a pale, absent expression, as if she searched herself, then looked up clearly in the confiding face above her, and promised what she faithfully performed in afteryears.
  • In afteryears she would smile, remembering how little she saw of that long journey across France, down Italy; her whole mind was occupied with the things she had to tell Dane, memorizing those she simply mustn’t forget.