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What is the meaning of again in Hindi?

Meaning of again in Hindi is : लेकिन फिर

Definition of word again

  • Against. (preposition)

Examples of word again

  • It delivered me to this unknown rock, where trees meet on hill-tops to tangle dark branches under fog shot with dankness and blight, and I am always welcome because I am the only one — and the funny birds who tell no jokes, and the giant bile-squirting flowers, and the delirious prancing monkeys, and I have nothing in particular to say, and I say it again and again 
  • “Sitting again awn the lap of God.” *muffled sound ov purrson traing nawt to crai again*
  • Right now I'm listening to "Strawberry Gashes" and being once again stunned that Ryan doesn't see this as a happy song ... it's so pretty and it leaves my blood racing and my entire body trembling with the need to touch him. * shrugs again*
  • After a while, she caught the blur for a moment again, lost it again .
  • “I had a feeling  …   And when you saw him again, after twenty years, all the old jealousy built up again  …  ”


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