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What is the meaning of agaric in Hindi?

Meaning of agaric in Hindi is : खुमी

Definition of word agaric

  • Any of various fungi of the family Agaricaceae, having umbrella-like caps with numerous gills beneath. (noun)

Examples of word agaric

  • At home, we very often make use of the ringed agaric, which is reputed extremely dangerous.
  • Let us not be too quick to explain this refusal by the noxious properties of the olive tree agaric, which is said to be extremely poisonous.
  • The first is a kind of agaric or mushroom, which grows from the root of the walnut-tree, especially when it is felled.
  • It proved an instantly comfortable, lightweight boot well-suited to rambling, skipping over sheep poo and resisting the urge to kick spectacular blooms of fly agaric and other autumn fungi.
  • Before they perform the sacrifice, the Khanty perform a divination ceremony using fly agaric mushrooms (Amanita muscaria).
  • Talking about the mushrooms, a Khanty man told the authors that "the value of the divination depends upon taking the smallest fly agaric mushroom in any stand of mushrooms; one must not gather the older ones 'because old ones lie.'"
  • Norse Gods, fly agaric mushrooms, prehistoric atavisms, the unavoidable void and the density of matter ...
  • It is tempting to conclude that witches were, indeed, mad, suffering from delusions and the effects of naturally occurring hallucinogenic substances such as ergot of rye and fly agaric.
  • P.S. The mushrooms, by the way, are fly agaric - a species that not only looks fantastic, being the model for virtually all appearances of toadstools in popular culture, but is absolutely loaded with folklore and religious and shamanic significance.