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What is the meaning of age in Hindi?

Meaning of age in Hindi is : समय

Definition of word age

  • The whole duration of a being, whether animal, vegetable, or other kind; lifetime. (noun)
    एक प्राणी की पूरी अवधि, चाहे वह पशु, सब्जी, या अन्य प्रकार; जीवन काल।
  • To cause to grow old; to impart the characteristics of age to. (verb)
    बुढ़ापा लाने के लिए; उम्र की विशेषताओं को प्रदान करने के लिए।

Examples of word age

    • At twenty-one they attain the age of majority, when they are said to be _of age_.
    • People may differ in other respects as to the designation by which the age should be characterized; but we believe all will agree that it is a _tax-hating age_.
    • But the same term is here applied to objects of the same kind, differing not essentially even in age; we say _age_, inasmuch as in the three great divisions, or periods, of human life, namely, childhood, youth, and maturity, the characteristic conditions of each are so
    • II. iv.49 (185,2) [old age] The _old age_ is the _ages past_, the times of simplicity.
    • When they are dead, thou'lt live from age to age*.
    • SET @age = DATEDIFF (CURDATE (), bd); #age in days
    • _Mademoiselle_ -- as Miss O'Faley was called, in honour of her French parentage and education, and in commemoration of her having at different periods spent above half her life in France, looking for an estate that could never he found -- Mademoiselle was dressed in all the peculiarities of the French dress of that day; she was of that indefinable age, which the French describe by the happy phrase of "une femme _d'un certain age_," and which Miss O'Faley happily translated, "a woman of _no particular age_."
    • $sql = "UPDATE contacts SET name = '$name', email = '$email', age = '$age', birthday = '$birthday', address = '$address', number = '$number' WHERE id2 = $id2";