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What is the meaning of aggressive in Hindi?

Meaning of aggressive in Hindi is : लड़ाका

Definition of word aggressive

  • Tending or disposed to aggress; characterized by aggression; making assaults; unjustly attacking. (adjective)

Examples of word aggressive

  • They use the term aggressive, and they define "aggressive" including things like insulting other kids, as well as fighting, and hitting, and more violence.
  • REEVES: The staunchly conservative Pope Benedict spoke of the threat to tradition and culture in Britain from what he called aggressive secularism.
  • The White House officials says the president will tout what they call the aggressive steps the administration has taken to bring the economy back to from brink and now they are they are committed to winding down Washington's involvement in the financial sector.
  • They have consistently tried to degrade the political structure there, the Baath Party, the ruling Iraqi party, and the irregulars, and anytime they think they see a group gathering of Fedayeen or others, they try to target that either from the air or, if they can, by what they call aggressive in-and-out hit-and-run patrols into the city.
  • Djokovic has heard critics decry what he called an "aggressive," and what others have called an arrogant, personality.