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What is the meaning of aggrieve in Hindi?

Meaning of aggrieve in Hindi is : सताना

Definition of word aggrieve

  • To give pain or sorrow to; to afflict; hence, to oppress or injure in one's rights; to bear heavily upon;—now commonly used in the passive, to be aggrieved. (verb)

Examples of word aggrieve

  • And they will continue to deeply aggrieve, and hinder, those who held them, and loved them, so dearly.
  • But since there's nothing at all wrong with the statute that requires him to perform the ministerial task he has so far petulantly avoided, and because his malfeasance has been used to aggrieve the lawfully appointed Burris, White should be harshly condemned at the very least.
  • Such an overwhelming catastrophe would certainly aggrieve the French, for they are a kindly-disposed nation.
  • There will undoubtedly be a reflexive tendency for many long-serving Democrats to use their newfound power to aggrieve what they perceive as previous abuses by the other party.
  • We will not belong in a way that frees us of consequence; in the dawn of each new day we must aggrieve with our complicity.
  • Not so for the small-minded largely tenured bullies that make up the professionally sensitive and always aggrieve advocacy wing of the NCA.
  • Might not the Federation aggrieve the Klingons by impeding their expansion?
  • You cannot libel the dead and I do not see how you can insult the dead, either; it is in the nature of an insult that it should aggrieve the target.