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What is the meaning of agitation in Hindi?

Meaning of agitation in Hindi is : हैरानी

Definition of word agitation

  • The act of agitating, or the state of being agitated; the state of being moved with violence, or with irregular action; commotion. (noun)
  • A stirring up or arousing; disturbance of tranquillity; disturbance of mind which shows itself by physical excitement; perturbation. (noun)
  • Excitement of public feeling by discussion, appeals, etc. (noun)
  • Examination or consideration of a subject in controversy, or of a plan proposed for adoption; earnest discussion; debate. (noun)

Examples of word agitation

  • "The question is quite ripe _for fresh agitation_ and from experience I find that that agitation _must_ be started by a debate in Parliament.
  • The majority of U.S. - China trade agitation is caused by imposes signifcant costs on this one relatively tiny huge part of the U.S. economy.
  • I will not fail to tell you further of all that is in agitation, as soon as I have Leisure, but I am rather pressed for time.
  • Moreover, mention of communal divide during the agitation is totally uncalled for.
  • There was a time when no one thought grounding off the table could be performed as it now is; the writer well remembers when it was in agitation, to print two reds, and two olaves at the house where first executed.


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