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What is the meaning of agleam in Hindi?

Meaning of agleam in Hindi is :

Definition of word agleam

  • Glowing with subdued light. (adjective)
    मंद प्रकाश के साथ चमक रहा है।

Examples of word agleam

  • At last the great night arrived, and Mistletoe Manor was agleam with lights and alive with guests, and aglow with gaiety.
  • They see only the empty, moon-washed lawn agleam with winter frost behind the cheery, reflected glow of the fire that warms my bedchamber.
  • "We'll have to get you a proper bra," she says, eyes agleam, kneading the subject's mammaries, sometimes heaving them apart and hoisting them aloft for good measure.
  • She bent over the desk, her dark hair agleam with the golden haze of the final lingering rays of light.
  • “As though you had the choice of it,” she mocked, but her gaze darted toward the castle, the roof faintly agleam as dawn crept stealthily into the sky.
  • And every street was agleam, as if Dwaraka were truly lined with gold!
  • The late-afternoon light broke through the clouds, shining on the box and setting it agleam.