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What is the meaning of agonistic in Hindi?

Meaning of agonistic in Hindi is : मल्लयुद्ध सम्बन्धी

Definition of word agonistic

  • Of or relating to contests that were originally participated in by the Ancient Greeks; athletic. (adjective)
  • Characterised by conflict or hostility. (adjective)
  • Argumentative, combative. (adjective)
  • Pertaining to an agonist. (adjective)

Examples of word agonistic

  • In an antagonistic what in biology is called agonistic encounter with another animal, a dog wants to appear to be the bigger, more powerful creature—so he makes a big-dog sound.
  • Burckhardt and Nietzsche were colleagues in Basel, and each developed an "agonistic" theory of society.
  • It's here that he rails for the umpteenth time against lesser critics who have dared to suggest that his boisterous, agonistic account of writerly influence might be weighted in favour of a certain masculinist tradition.
  • Rush Limbaugh in my honest opinion I believe that you are just an agonistic pig, who do not have a heart.
  • Beyond this, however, Connolly's model of a pluralism that can legitimately admire a diversity of metaphysical perspectives (rather than simply tolerate them) looks rather like an agonistic version of


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