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What is the meaning of agony in Hindi?

Meaning of agony in Hindi is : सन्ताप

Definition of word agony

  • Violent contest or striving. (noun)
  • Pain so extreme as to cause writhing or contortions of the body, similar to those made in the athletic contests in Greece; and hence, extreme pain of mind or body; anguish; paroxysm of grief; specifically, the sufferings of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane. (noun)
  • Paroxysm of joy; keen emotion. (noun)
  • The last struggle of life; death struggle. (noun)

Examples of word agony

  • It rises naturally to a suffering man's lips as expressive of agony, though not exactly framed for _his_ individual _agony_.
  • Watching collision-injured wildlife scream and writhe in agony is very disturbing to everyone, particularly the nonshooting, nonhunting public.
  • But pain, passing a little blood preceeding a few large kidney stones and being in agony is not a bad punishment for his evilness …. for now.
  • Persons in sorrow are too apt to be cross and peevish with those about them, and to lay it grievously to heart, if they but seem to neglect them; but Christ in his agony is as meek as ever, and carries it as patiently toward his followers as toward his Father, and is not apt to take things ill.
  • He had been walking by, but stopped at my desk after seeing the expression of agony on my face.


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