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What is the meaning of agriculture in Hindi?

Meaning of agriculture in Hindi is : खेतीबाड़ी

Definition of word agriculture

  • The art or science of cultivating the ground, including the harvesting of crops, and the rearing and management of livestock; tillage; husbandry; farming. (noun)

Examples of word agriculture

  • It is incipient agriculture, but should be carefully distinguished from the _field agriculture_ in which extensive pieces of land are subdued by the plough.
  • A lot of the property, especially in agriculture, is now in the hands of worker and peasant cooperatives. ajay Says:
  • Technology in agriculture is an emotional topic and there are organizations or individuals who generally oppose modern agriculture or biotechnology.
  • Uspaskich, who has investments in agriculture, is known throughout Lithuania as the Gherkin King.
  • In 1967, he received a Bachelor's degree in agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan.
  • At a time when global trade in agriculture is in disarray, the U.S. and Canada agreed to a number of liberalizing policies that will ease trade distortions for our farmers.
  • So, the basic thing in agriculture is to start with the soil itself, and see that every mineral requirement is there to produce the proper type of plant life, and if every mineral required is there, then you can produce the right kind of feed for human and for animal consumption.
  • Well, one of the things we have learned in agriculture is to test our soil, to see if there be any mineral deficiencies.
  • Scientific research as the Russians have adopted it in agriculture is something that we must copy.
  • Unfortunately, the agriculture is the biggest exception and the EU forces some other exceptions too.