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What is the meaning of agronomy in Hindi?

Meaning of agronomy in Hindi is : सस्यविज्ञान

Definition of word agronomy

  • The science of utilizing plants, animals and soils for food, fuel, feed, and fiber and more. To do this effectively and sustainably, agronomy encompasses work in the areas of plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology, animal sciences and soil science. (noun)

Examples of word agronomy

  • He has a PhD in agronomy and a masters in soil science.
  • In 1941, Calvino dutifully enrolled at the University of Turin, choosing the Agriculture Faculty where his father had previously taught courses in agronomy.
  • One of the best teachers that I ever knew taught the subject that we now call agronomy, -- a branch of agricultural science that has to do with field crops.
  • After 1600, self-appointed investigators used the model of the land and cartographic surveys of the newly unified state to observe and order subjects such as agronomy, medicine, gastronomy, commerce, travel, and entertainment.
  • In addition to security force personnel, the ADT includes experts in a number of fields, such as agronomy, pest management, agricultural marketing, hydrology, soil science and veterinary medicine.


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