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What is the meaning of ah in Hindi?

Meaning of ah in Hindi is : विस्मय

Definition of word ah

  • An expression of relief, relaxation, comfort, confusion, understanding, wonder, awe, et cetera according to uttered inflection. (interjection)
  • A word used for drama or emphasis. (interjection)
  • A syllable used to fill space, particularly in music. (interjection)
  • An instance of the interjection ah. (noun)
  • Eye dialect spelling of I., most often indicating that the speaker is using an American (particularly Southern) accent. (pronoun)

Examples of word ah

  • Errr….ummmm…..ah meanz ah am in no whey oldz enuff to member de top cat cartooney!
  • You do maarvellous. all the best vera goulart said … hi! dear HANNA .. i just see in hebreu dicionary!!! ah ¨ah ¨ah ¨ ..... we keep contact
  • "Oh, ah want, ah want, _ah want tuh heah mah Hannah laff again!
  • And of course, he is a Military Expert, having served in – ah, what branch of the service was that?
  • We are also told that No-ah is struggling with his apprenticeship, but we are never told why or what the problem is.


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