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What is the meaning of ahold in Hindi?

Meaning of ahold in Hindi is :

Definition of word ahold

  • To bring a ship to lie as near to the windward as it can to get out to sea. (adverb)
  • A hold, grip, grasp. (noun)

Examples of word ahold

    • If imprisonment is the penalty there may be some issues of privilege (or getting ahold of him should he stay in Washington).
    • But sometimes these things get dropped and picked up again, when the feds get ahold of some new information.
    • A good midwestern girl, raised on corn and chicken and food you could grab ahold of, must have done something unforgivable to deserve this slippery thing.
    • The show's executive producer Neil Goldman tweeted "Midseason schedule burn!" after the news broke, and series creator Dan Harmon responded "Streets ahold!"
    • The technical landscape involved contains a myriad set of problems for law enforcement officials trying to get ahold of information.


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