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What is the meaning of ahull in Hindi?

Meaning of ahull in Hindi is : निष्पाल

Definition of word ahull

  • at the hull of a ship (adverb)
  • Having the sails furled and the helm lashed alee, as during a storm. (adverb)

Examples of word ahull

    • As I have already said, the ship under her large low-reefed top-sail and fore stay-sail has been brought ahull, that is to say, she copes directly with the wind, by presenting her broad bows to the sea; and so we go on still drift, drift, continually to the south.
    • Now that lying ahull has proved to be disastrous, the men decide to start the engine and try to get their bow back into the seas.
    • Dusk is closing in on the beleaguered sailors when Jerry shouts through the wind, “We should try letting her lie ahull!”
    • The engine power seems to have little effect in the growing seas, and Tom decides to lie ahull, turning off the engine and letting the boat simply ride the waves.
    • In these conditions some skippers would never lie ahull.


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