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What is the meaning of ake in Hindi?

Meaning of ake in Hindi is :

Definition of word ake

  • forever (adverb)

Examples of word ake

  • Yet Pepys did not shake their company; instead he went with the rogues to supper in an arbour, though it made his heart "ake" to listen to their mad talk.
  • A 'o nā konohiki hana' ole pēlā a ke'ake'a paha i ke a'o
  • A 'o nā konohiki hana' ole pēlā a ke'ake'a paha i ke a'o 'ana a ke kumu, ua hemo ia konohiki. "
  • The results showed that when a sound occurs at the same time the ball is struck, participants are slower to react and m ake "significantly more decision errors regarding the direction of the ball."
  • Someone please tell Palin-No-Brains no one really cares what she considers evil or not evil, in fact less than 25% of Americans could care less if she could never talk again and could never call 'Anything' evil again, in my opinion the only thing evil is the 'anti-christ' Palin, after all Christ was a man, would it n ot m ake sense the anti-christ were a woman?
  • We should all be praying that Greenspan doesn't ake his marching orders from the New York Times, like most Democrats do.
  • [T] ake a look at a new report issued by the Department of Homeland Security that says right-wing extremism is on the rise throughout the country.
  • While the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords seems like a teachable moment, there remains the vexing question of how to t ake advantage of this.