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What is the meaning of alert in Hindi?

Meaning of alert in Hindi is : होशियार

Definition of word alert

  • Attentive; awake; on-guard. (adjective)
  • An alarm. (noun)
  • A notification of higher importance than an advisory. (noun)
  • To give warning to. (verb)

Examples of word alert

  • However, in this alert is an unusual warning about the state of Durango:
  • A travel "alert" is less serious than a full "travel warning," which could have big implications.
  • An e-mail alert from the technical office went out to all House staff members notifying them of the problem.
  • While he said that the travel alert is the "lowest level of warning that the State Department issues," Americans abroad should be mindful of their surroundings.
  • Why is it big news now that they might actually help you remain alert?


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