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What is the meaning of algebra in Hindi?

Meaning of algebra in Hindi is : व्यक्तगणित

Definition of word algebra

  • A system for computation using letters or other symbols to represent numbers, with rules for manipulating these symbols. (noun)
  • The study of algebraic structures. (noun)
  • A universal algebra. (noun)
  • An algebraic structure consisting of a module of a commutative ring along with an additional binary operation that is bilinear. (noun)
  • A collection of subsets of a given set, such that this collection contains the empty set, and the collection is closed under unions and complements (and thereby also under intersections and differences). (noun)
  • One of several other types of mathematical structure. (noun)

Examples of word algebra

  • From the syntactic side, the free C-algebra B on a set X arises as a quotient of the term algebra formed from X (viewed as a set of variables) using the operation symbols and constants common to the algebras of C.
  • Indeed, the word "algebra" is derived from the title of this book: Kitab al-Jebr (The Book of Completion) in which he lays out for the first time the rules and steps of solving algebraic equations.
  • Wonderful goals and yet I can help but wonder if algebra is the best vehicle to accomplish these goals.
  • I'm trying to get you to be actively involved in your own education, to be independent and curious learners in mathematics, even if algebra is never going to be your favorite subject.
  • Like in algebra, we say "Let T be time and D be distance."


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