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What is the meaning of algorithm in Hindi?

Meaning of algorithm in Hindi is : रोबोट को सिखाने के लिए प्रयुक्त अनुदेश

Definition of word algorithm

  • A precise step-by-step plan for a computational procedure that possibly begins with an input value and yields an output value in a finite number of steps. (noun)

Examples of word algorithm

  • They have very intense and high-level discussions about their work with Dad quite often, and the word algorithm features extremely heavily.
  • The term algorithm simply means a series of steps.
  • I wonder if the algorithm is a little “loose” to get as many copies out as possible? — melissa
  • The term algorithm is derived from the name of the Arabic economist, Al-Khowërazmi, who invented them as a way of performing mathematical operations associated with debt and credit.
  • At Consumer Reports, we’re increasingly encountering the term algorithm in reference to smart appliances: dryers that know when loads are dry, refrigerators that can self-regulate their temperature, and dishwashers that sense when dishes are done.
  • An evolutionary algorithm is a program, and like all programs, is independent on the substrate.
  • In any case, an evolutionary algorithm is a model of the behavior of generalized replicators.