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What is the meaning of allegory in Hindi?

Meaning of allegory in Hindi is : साघ्यवसान रूपक

Definition of word allegory

  • The representation of abstract principles by characters or figures. (noun)

Examples of word allegory

  • I use the term allegory reluctantly because allegorical figures, like those found in Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress or Spenser's Faerie Queene tend to be one-dimensional, lacking interiority and nuance.
  • To become figurable-that is to say, visible in the first place, accessible to our imaginations - the classes have to be able to become in some sense characters in their own right: this is the sense in which the term allegory in our title is to be taken as a working hypothesis.
  • But the allegory is a continued metaphor, in which the circumstances are palpably often purely imagery, while the thing signified is altogether real.
  • The ketchup allegory is brilliant, but I wish Summers knew how to use “comprise.”
  • The allegory is so interchangeable over the decades and speaks to that inner paranoia of whatever society is watching it.
  • But to tie the book down to this allegory is to do it a reductive injustice.
  • Most of all, the show's universe was flimsy and under-developed, the result of too much attention paid to thin allegory and facile real-world parallels, and not enough energy diverted to making Galactica's universe its own living creation.
  • It sounds like it is rich in allegory, which should be part of a balanced diet.
  • The second allegory is the religious one, and it is more complex.