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What is the meaning of alliance in Hindi?

Meaning of alliance in Hindi is : साहचर्य

Definition of word alliance

  • The state of being allied. (noun)
  • The act of allying or uniting. (noun)
  • A union or connection of interests between families, states, parties, etc., especially between families by marriage and states by compact, treaty, or league. (noun)
  • Any union resembling that of families or states; union by relationship in qualities; affinity. (noun)
  • The persons or parties allied. (noun)
  • To connect or unite by alliance; to ally. (verb)

Examples of word alliance

  • For my part, I have to say that whether there be such an alliance depends, so far as I know, upon what may be a right definition of the term “alliance.
  • In a letter to the Vienna Tageblatt, he advocates an economic alliance among the Continental nations for the purpose of barring out American goods, an economic alliance, in his own language, "_which may possibly and desirably develop into a political alliance_."
  • In announcing Key's visit, the White House said the leaders would discuss "the close friendship and partnership between our two countries" -- a sign of growing ties, but a notch below using the term alliance.
  • You know there's going to be a showdown over some communications technology issue when Google, Best Buy, Mitsubishi, Sony, TiVo and two other big companies start a new group with the word "alliance" in it.
  • Lavrov said NATO should commit to "legally binding" security arrangements through the Vienna-based OSCE to cure what he called the alliance's appetite "for more and more scenarios" of unilateral actions.


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