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What is the meaning of allochthonous in Hindi?

Meaning of allochthonous in Hindi is :

Definition of word allochthonous

  • Originating in a place other than where it is found. (adjective)
  • Buried or found in a place remote from the site of formation. (adjective)

Examples of word allochthonous

    • More generally, given that the magnitude and recurrence interval of water levels produced by ice jams often exceed those of open-water conditions, breakup is probably the main supplier of allochthonous organic material in cold-regions rivers [11].
    • The two methodologies give opposite results when accounting for the input of allochthonous (produced outside) organic matter to a particular ecosystem: CO2 flux measurement gives negative NEP due to increased CO2 emission from soil to atmosphere, while weighing gives a higher accumulation of organic carbon (C) in the soil.
    • In terms of flora, the most affected is San Félix island, with 42% of allochthonous plants.
    • The principal threat associated with human presence has been the introduction of many allochthonous species of plants and animals.
    • Twenty-five taxons are native (68%) and 11 are allochthonous (32 %).


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